About us

Why brainshirt

Maybe one or the other of you can remember a similar situation. You buy a shirt, a premium product, quite expensive, supposedly the best quality. And then you unpack the shirt and find on the label of origin “Made in China“.

When I had this experience almost ten years ago, I wondered whether it really had to be like this. Is it really not possible that premium products in the textile industry can also be manufactured in Europe at an attractive price?

You'll see, it works. 

The Current Situation

„A very simple product!“
Actually a men's shirt is a very unproblematic product. Actually. At least until you get a little more involved with the production process. The use of pesticides on cotton farms, chemicals during further processing, yarn weaving, weaving, processing in low-wage countries, child labour, environmental pollution...

In no other area is the division of the world into rich and poor more evident than in the textile industry. Nevertheless, the question remains: Let's not lie down on the branch on which we ourselves sit?
„What do you wear on your skin?“

öby the way, every year more than 20,000 people die as a result of the use of pesticides - in other words the population of a small German town. The average wage of a cotton grower in India is 17 cents per day.

And what begins with cotton production goes from processing (the number of skin allergies caused by clothing has increased measurably in recent years) and clothing to retail sales. For finished Chinese shirts you pay about 13 euros in purchasing and in Germany these are then sold as premium products for 179 euros. If even the absolute German brand manufacturers no longer produce in Europe but in Vietnam, as in a particularly prominent example, the question arises whether we as consumers simply have to accept this.

The solution

Almost ten years have passed since the first thoughts were made. With the brainshirt we offer you today not only the cleanest, but also one of the highest quality men's shirts currently available in Germany. The following points, which are unique in their combination, make the difference to traditional products. Only because we control the production process in this way, a brainshirt is so unique.